The address for those looking for serenity during their vacation Özdere – Turkey

421677_170780446374872_1857988388_n 421917_170778736375043_720934545_n 422588_170779263041657_1055235711_nÖzdere is a cute borough with 22 km shoreline, magnificent bays, golden beaches and greener than green nature. The town, which is established on a 7000 year old history, still carried the traces of Hittite and Ionian culture. The region, which was called Kasura by the Hittites, Dioshierron by the Ionians and Kesre by the Ottoman, has been knows as Özdere since 1960’s.

The lands, which have been home to 28 civilizationt, now host 15 thousand people during the winter and 100 tousend people during the summer. Özdere, which hase more than 9000 , is the only officially approved touristicresort in the borough of Menderes.

Tourists and locals prefer the town for its magnificent shoreline, intricaltely wowen bays  and beaches. Özdere has many and bays ou can swim suchli and Ortaköy.

Özdere’s economy is based tourism. Thats mean, you can find a Travel Agencys in City Centers like a Bergin Tours. The Company work for a holiday rentals, Holiday homes, car rental, airport transfers and daily  tours to Ephesus, Pamukkale. You can find also daily tours from harbour izmir, ephesus, virgin marry house.